Please feel free to contact us!

How do I apply?

Since there is a tour capacity, it will be a reservation system. You can apply by calling 0278-72-3372 or online reservation “reservation / availability inquiry”. If there is a vacancy in the desired tour course even on the day or just before, you can make a reservation.。

Canceled due to weather

It will be held in rainy weather. The criteria for stopping the rafting tour is the river water level. It is held in compliance with the water level of the tour operation regulations stipulated by the Minakami Rafting Association.

Contact method in case of rain cancellation

We will contact you the day before if we can clearly see a sudden rise in water that will cause the tour to be cancelled. However, please understand that it is rare that it will be on the same day. (← Probability that it will happen once in the season) Since the upper Tone River basin is under dam control, it is rare that it will be canceled, but in rare cases of localized heavy rain of disaster level, it will be canceled on the day sometimes it becomes If the weather is unpredictable, we will be able to answer the phone from around 6:00 in the morning, so you can call us before you leave.

Is it okay if I don’t have a swimsuit?

We will wear a wet suit on the tour. We recommend a swimsuit to be worn underneath.
If you don’t have a swimsuit, an undershirt or undertights that you don’t mind getting wet are fine. On top of that, you will wear a wet suit.

how many people does the boat hold

The boat is for 8 people. One guide will always ride, so participants can ride up to 7 people per boat. If the participating group is not evenly divisible by 7 people, there is also a “meeting” with other participants. At that time, we are well divided into teams. With group participation, even if the group splits into two or more boats, you will not be separated from your fellow boats on the river. In rafting, group sailing is the basis for safety. Let’s go down the torrent while covering each other’s boats!

how long have you been on the boat

Time on the river (time on the boat) is about 70 minutes. The total time required for the reception, changing clothes, moving to the river, safety training on the river, etc. is about 2.5 hours.

I am a beginner. I can’t swim.

Beginners can enjoy the tour with peace of mind, as it is a tour with a guide who has acquired rowing and rescue skills. Please be assured that you will wear a high buoyancy rafting life jacket and wet suit. If you cannot swim, please tell the guide in charge on the day.

When joining a group, the number of people is not confirmed until just before

We will adjust the reservation reception, so even if the number of people is not decided, please contact us if you know the approximate number of people.