thrill and exhilaration.
Gorge beauty created by rapids.
Adventure experience of rowing down the river with rafting!

Rafting, which is synonymous with playing in the river, is popular among people of all ages and genders as an outdoor leisure activity that involves rowing down a river in a rubber boat. Guides who have mastered boat handling techniques and rescue techniques will guide you!


Photos are free this season too!

Rafting in Minakami is by far Jug Sports!
Save tour photos to your iPhone or smartphone, and have fun with everyone after the tour!

Minakami Popular No.1
half day tour

In rafting, depending on the season, the distance to go down, how to play, and the scenery will change. From April to June in early spring, you can experience world-class rafting when the snow melts and the water rises. From July to October, when the water level is calm, the tour will be full of river activities such as high rock jumping and body rafting while rafting.
[Prices by season]
Adult: 5500-7000 yen
Student discount: 5000 yen to 6000 yen
Elementary school students: 5000 yen to 5500 yen
・There are discount options and Thanks Day

[Spring student discount]
Recommended for welcoming new students and group trips If you have more than 10 people, you can save even more!

While enjoying a thrilling swim in the river with your friends, let\'s build a sense of cooperation and trust as a team. Through rafting, you can get to know friends who are different from usual and know how reliable they are. On the rafting tour, we will give you free photos taken by the guide after the tour, so you can participate with confidence. If you access it with your iPhone or smartphone, you can share a fun time with everyone!
4/1 (Sat) - 7/21 (Fri)
Student discount: 5000 yen all day
More deals for 10 people or more!

Great exhilaration and sense of achievement!
A combo tour where you can enjoy rafting and canyoning in one day.

Summer Combo 1 day tour
Enjoy nature on the water with two activities. Let\'s enjoy a day with a combo course! In addition, it is a tour with lunch box of Gunma\'s specialty \"Torihei no Tori-meshi\"! At the foot of Mt. Tanigawa, Higashi-Kurosawa, raised by beech forests, and Tonegawa, where you can enjoy completely different ways depending on the season, let\'s play actively!
[Prices by season]
Adult: 11,500-13,000 yen
Elementary school students: 10000 yen
・Comes with Torihei\'s Tori-meshi bento box
・There are discount options and Thanks Day

Reason why customers choose us

①Tour photos are free! After the tour, you can save it to your iPhone or smartphone.
(2) It has received good reviews on reservation sites and is becoming more and more popular.
Our tour has won the first place in the user satisfaction ranking not only in the Minakami rafting section but also in the whole country. As of March 2023/Activity reservation site|Sotoasobi
③ Easy feeling with just a swimsuit and a towel.
④ Convenience of cashless payment for local payment.


time schedule

*This is a typical meeting time schedule. Please meet 10 minutes before the time you selected when booking. (3 times a day: 9:00 course, 11:30 course, 13:30 course)

① Meeting reception 9:00/11:30/13:30

Gather at the base! A flashy shutter signboard is a landmark. The staff will explain the insurance and exemptions. After filling in the reception card, please complete the payment at the counter. When you are ready, the staff will show you how to put on a wetsuit and change rooms!

② Change clothes and move to the starting point 9:30/12:00/14:00

After changing clothes in the changing room, depart for the starting point in the tour vehicle! In the car, the guide will raise the motivation of the participants by talking about rafting and sightseeing!

③Safety Talk 9:40/12:10/14:10

At the starting point, we will explain how to wear helmets and life jackets, how to stand when you fall in the river, and how to enjoy rafting safely. There is also an explanation of how to hold the paddle and how to row, so please listen carefully!

④ It\'s finally time to leave! 10:00/12:30/14:30

Divide into teams and set off! After practicing where the current is weak in front of you, it\'s time to start downriver!
A great adventure on the best course depending on the season and amount of water
In the half-day rafting course, the guide in charge of the day considers the amount of water, weather and safety from 5 sections. We decide the best course for the day.

⑤ Refresh in nature About 70 minutes

Rough currents aren\'t the only things you\'ll encounter while paddling the river. In the calm flow, you will be healed by the deep nature that surrounds you. Time on the river (time on the boat) is about 70 minutes.

⑥ Goal, movement, shower 11:30/14:00/16:00

The tour ends when you reach the goal! We will all pack up the boat and return to base. After arriving at the base, take a hot shower to refresh your body after swimming in the river!

⑦ Change of clothes and dissolution 12:00/14:30/16:30

I will get a tour photo and will be dissolved. After this, we will also inform you about sightseeing in Minakami and day-trip hot spring facilities. We also have tourist brochures for nearby facilities, so please feel free to ask the staff!

Have questions?

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or consultations.
It\'s okay to call late. You can connect until around 23:00.
Early morning is fine. Get up!

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Rafting tour photo collection

This is a photo collection where you can enjoy a virtual rafting tour.
Click the image to open a pop-up window and enlarge it.

Spring flood season (April to June)
It was around this time that the rafting race world tournament Asia/Oceania regional qualifying rounds were held. When the snow melts and the water rises, the Tone River becomes a world-class torrent. Big waves and speed will get your adrenaline pumping. But thawed water is cold. At Jagsport, we use equipment that pursues comfort, such as a custom-made 5mm wetsuit jacket. After the tour, we also have free hot shower facilities.

Exhilarating summer rafting (July to October)
Every year, the amount of water calms down in the summer, and rafting on the Suwakyo course. The time on the boat goes down 4 kilometers in about 70 minutes. In addition to the torrent point, Suwa Gorge at this time of year has plenty of places to play, such as natural waiter sliders, river surfing, and 8m jump rocks. This is also the time when there are many rafting tour participants.

We hold seasonal outdoor tours!

Nice to meet you, this is Atsushi Kano, the owner guide.
It was more than 20 years ago now, but at the time I was a member of the university\'s exploration club, and I was thinking of starting an outdoor guide company in the future. During my university days, I walked around mountains, streams, rivers, snow, and caves all over Japan, set up tents and held training camps in various places. When I decided to go independent and thought about where to base myself, I decided on Minakami Town in Gunma Prefecture based on my experience traveling around Japan. The charm of this town is, above all, nature. The outdoor possibilities in this town are second to none. Because there is a hot spring, you can enjoy high quality activities according to the four seasons throughout the year. Moreover, access from Tokyo is very convenient. Even now, I am glad that I chose Minakami.
Minakami Town is the perfect place to enjoy nature and enjoy the outdoors.
Why not take this opportunity to get in touch with Minakami\'s great nature, bathe in hot springs, and refresh your mind and body!


Reviews from real customers

  • 20代・女性

    スーザンさんにガイドいただき、ラフティング体験しました。 水量の少ない時期、ということでしたが、以前別の川でラフティング体験した時よりも激流で、十分に楽しめました! 車で片道3時間でしたが、ここまで来る価値があったなと思います。 高いところ...

  • 40代・男性


  • 20代・男性

    9月に行ったんですけど台風の大雨の次の日で、川の水量がとても多くて激し目のタフティングを体験できました。インストラクターの方も気さくに話しかけてくれてとても楽しかったです。 また春先の雪解けの時期に行きたいと思いました。

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